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March 31, 2018


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Which of the following security attacks cannot be detected by a WIPS solution of any kind? (Choose 2)

A. Rogue APs
B. DoS
C. Eavesdropping
D. Social engineering


Answer: C, D


Given: You have a Windows laptop computer with an integrated, dual-band, Wi-Fi compliant adapter. Your laptop computer has protocol analyzer software installed that is capable of capturing and decoding 802.11ac data.

What statement best describes the likely ability to capture 802.11ac frames for security testing purposes?

A. All integrated 802.11ac adapters will work with most protocol analyzers for frame capture, including the Radio Tap Header.
B. Integrated 802.11ac adapters are not typically compatible with protocol analyzers in Windows laptops. It is often best to use a USB adapter or carefully select a laptop with an integrated adapter that will work.
C. Laptops cannot be used to capture 802.11ac frames because they do not support MU-MIMO.
D. Only Wireshark can be used to capture 802.11ac frames as no other protocol analyzer has implemented the proper frame decodes.
E. The only method available to capture 802.11ac frames is to perform a remote capture with a compatible access point.


Answer: B




In order to acquire credentials of a valid user on a public hot-spot network, what attacks may be conducted? Choose the single completely correct answer.

A. Social engineering and/or eavesdropping
B. RF DoS and/or physical theft
C. MAC denial of service and/or physical theft
D. Authentication cracking and/or RF DoS
E. Code injection and/or XSS


Answer: A


What WLAN client device behavior is exploited by an attacker during a hijacking attack?

A. When the RF signal between a client and an access point is disrupted for more than a few seconds, the client device will attempt to associate to an access point with better signal quality.
B. When the RF signal between a client and an access point is lost, the client will not seek to reassociate with another access point until the 120 second hold down timer has expired.
C. After the initial association and 4-way handshake, client stations and access points do not need to perform another 4-way handshake, even if connectivity is lost.
D. As specified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, clients using Open System authentication must allow direct client-to-client connections, even in an infrastructure BSS.
E. Client drivers scan for and connect to access points in the 2.4 GHz band before scanning the 5 GHz band.


Answer: A



What software and hardware tools are used together to hijack a wireless station from the authorized wireless network onto an unauthorized wireless network? (Choose 2)

A. RF jamming device and a wireless radio card
B. A low-gain patch antenna and terminal emulation software
C. A wireless workgroup bridge and a protocol analyzer
D. DHCP server software and access point software
E. MAC spoofing software and MAC DoS software


Answer: A, D


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